The List of 100 Classic Books

Project 4: A year and a half long journey to read the classics. Working with Abbey, we both read each book and give a book review for each.

Attached below you’ll find our list. As book reviews are published this page is updated to give you the most up-to-date resource for our reviews.

TitleMy RatingAbbey’s RatingWord Count
1Oliver Twist167543
3The Count of Monte Cristo464234
4Jane Eyre183858
5As I Lay Dying56695
6The Divine Comedy32000
7Tales from the Arabian Nights5.562000
8Brave New World64531
9On the Road116277
10Slaughterhouse Five49459
11To the Lighthouse69264
12War and Peace561304
13Madame Bovary115456
14The Wonderful Wizard of Oz39295
16The Handmaid’s Tale90240
17The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn109571
18A Clockwork Orange3.558695
20The Hound of the Baskervilles59392
21The Old Man and the Sea29160
22The Art of War7311450
23Invisible Man177000
24Lord of the Flies59900
25Robinson Crusoe121961
27Fahrenheit 45146118
28All the President’s Men112500
29The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe216000
30To Kill a Mockingbird99121
31The Brothers Karamazov364153
32One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest108000
33The Scarlet Letter63604
34Treasure Island9666950
35A Tree Grows in Brooklyn145092
37The Odyssey134500
3820,000 Leagues Under the Sea138138
39The Importance of Being Earnest22000
40The Giver43617
42Pride and Prejudice122189
43All’s Well that Ends Well5424086
44The Collected Works of H.P. Lovecraft278000
45Gone with the Wind418053
46The Alchemist38342
47Tropic of Cancer64000
48Swiss Family Robinson63979
49The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe38421
51Atlas Shrugged9591996
52Grimms’ Fairy Tales46500
53In Cold Blood121890
55Murder on the Orient Express9858154
56Crime and Punishment211591
57Three Musketeers228402
58Animal Farm9929966
59Dr. Zhivago160250
60Heart of Darkness38000
61The Adventures of Tom Sawyer70570
62Wuthering Heights107945
63Canterbury Tales27130
64The Time Machine5.5832059
65The Picture of Dorian Gray78462
66A Farewell to Arms74250
67Around the World in 80 Days66281
68The Godfather163500
69Moby Dick209117
70Catcher in the Rye73404
71Charlie and the Chocolate Factory6.5730644
72Les Miserables655478
73The Iliad140000
74The Sound and the Fury96863
75The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes105071
76A Tale of Two Cities135420
77Don Quixote345390
78Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland6726432
79A Brief History of Time50250
80Journey to the Center of the Earth85059
82Paradise Lost93000
83The Secret Garden80398
84Of Mice and Men29160
85The Lord of the Rings187790
86Anna Karenina349736
87The Outsiders48523
88Little Women70000
89Nineteen Eighty-Four88942
90The Color Purple66556
91The Call of the Wild8.537058
92Great Expectations183349
93Mrs. Dalloway63422
94Uncle Tom’s Cabin166622
95Grapes of Wrath169481
96The Prince531026
97Gulliver’s Travels107349
98Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde826601
99Pale Fire81000