Hello World! – My Very First Project

Project 1: CALI a Law School Class

Alright, before I can explain what exactly it is that I’m doing, you’re going to need a little context.

In law school, you CALI a class when you get the highest grade. Many schools recognize students who CALI and it’s something you toss right on your LinkedIn page to show your classmates you’re definitely better than them – or have more time to spend in your professor’s office.

Okay, reducing it to bragging rights sounds a little sad. But let’s take a moment to review how grading works in law school: it’s comparative. Each school sets a curve which dictates what percent of the class will get each letter grade. I believe at my school the top 30% of students get an A, the next 50% get a B, and the rest get a C. So to CALI a class really means you are the best in the class.

So why exactly do I want to do it?

Well, when I started my undergrad, I decided that I’d be an engineer since I wanted to do patent law and it usually requires a STEM background. While I did it and finished with a chemical engineering degree, I really didn’t ever want to be a chemical engineer. So I won’t say I slacked off, but I was only really trying to keep my GPA up high enough to get into law school. Now that I’m in law school though, some of those bad habits transferred.

I’m certainly not a bad student by any means. But I also don’t know that I’m a good student. Having just completed my first semester of law school, I haven’t gotten any grades yet. I’ll find out in a few weeks. While I think I did pretty well, I don’t want to jinx anything.

I’m taking four classes next semester. I’m not going to pick one to CALI in, I’m just going to work at them all. Just like you wouldn’t call your pocket in a game of eight-ball at the beginning, I’m going to see where the semester takes me and then call it.

I figure this will be a good first project for me since my academics will be a part of me throughout this entire process. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, right?

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