Organization, Project 2

Tidying Up

Project 2: Get organized. Like, seriously organized.

Within the past few days I’ve been saying goodbye to friends and family, waking up from the coma of holiday feasts, and getting ready for my next semester. My boyfriend also returned from visiting his parents across the country. So needless to say these past few days haven’t exactly been filled with me-time.

But as I was getting ready to leave, one of the things on my to-do list was to find the title for my car which died a month ago – sad, but manageable when you live next to campus.

Let me tell you that this little thing caused a big waking nightmare.

Nowhere. This damn title was nowhere to be found.

It caused me to absolutely snap. I’ve been working on moving into a new place. Well, actually, it’s not new as it’s my old house, but I briefly moved out when my roommates moved away and realized that this place was right for me. Moving back into a place you lived at six months ago is a surreal experience because it’s like a tornado ran through it and put everything into boxes but took your roommates and all their stuff too.

So, seeing as necessity is the mother of invention, I found a perfect opportunity to introduce project number two.

When I say get organized though, I mean storage boxes, Marie Kondo, and a few trips to Home Depot kind of organizing.

Not just physical either. I want to organize my email which has accumulated into the thousands in the past four and a half years of my education and also all of my digital files. Every project I’ve ever done will find a way to resurface there in all formats and file types I’m sure.

But I know it can be boring to read about spring cleaning, so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. Hopefully I can come up with some creative ideas to take this project from lame and domestic to fun, fresh, and affordable. Besides, how am I supposed to begin something new without old messes hanging over me?

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: I had to buy a duplicate title.

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