Project 3

Project 3: The Cover Album

Project 3: Make an album of cover songs.

Okay, hear me out. I have made music before. Last year I dropped two albums. They were mostly just fun projects with friends, but I made some memories and almost good music.

But since they were just for fun, it was mostly about the process. The first album was made last fall because I had a friend visiting from out of town who had dropped out of school. We wanted to throw a party to surprise all of his friends and needed a way to get everyone to show up. So to encourage everyone to come, I made it an album release party. As merely a side-project-turned-double-dog-dare, I made an album.

From there, I had received requests to do another album with all of my friends offering to help. I had inspired a few to try making music on their own and had some people who didn’t know me reach out to introduce themselves. I wouldn’t call myself a campus celebrity, but enough people knew the story that even this semester – over a full year later – I did have a girl recognize me and ask if I was the one who made “those albums.”

With public outcry and an inflated ego, a few months later I took to album number two. Except this time, I was determined to do it in one day. I transformed my house into a studio and had a team with me to work. My friends became producers, rappers, aspiring artists, and cheerleaders that day. With a deadline to finish by 9pm that evening (for another album release party, of course) we did exactly that – dropped another album. I wouldn’t call that album musical genius, but it sure as hell was fun.

Anyway, fast forward over a year later and here I am. I’m not looking to bring back the golden days, but I am looking to explore producing. Even now, people still listen to my music, which is both flattering and a bit shocking. One of my closest friends dropped his own album earlier this month after being inspired by me. What started as a stupid idea to make a party more fun rippled into so much more.

Along the way I found a love for producing music, but not as much so with writing and performing. But with school, my hobby often falls to the wayside. Also, without an active project, it’s easy to open a program and have such musical writer’s block and nothing comes out. Creating a sound can sometimes be so beautifully simple, but on other days so violently degrading.

So here I am, beginning this new project.

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