Project 3

The Beginning of an Era – Roxanne Take 1

Amidst my day of classes and napping for too many hours on my boyfriend’s couch, I figured today would be a good day to try starting my cover album. I decided that I wanted to do a variety of songs spanning a few genres, so I figured the best order for my tracks should be by technical difficulty.

So for my first song, I wanted to try out Roxanne by Arizona Zervas. It’s very catchy and has a simple, repeating beat. To do this, I plan on upgrading programs (or DAWs – digital audio workstation) that I use. Currently, I use LMMS, which is free and extremely limited in its capabilities. However, I was able to crank out dozens of songs using it, so it’s not impossible, just not ideal. Nevertheless, in the spirit of growing and pushing my comfort zone, I’ll be downloading FL Studio (the producer edition) soon. The interface operates similarly to LMMS and seeing as I learned mostly from FL Studio tutorials on YouTube, it should be a quick transition. It’s a pretty chunk of change so I’ll do that once I have the time to properly sit down and buy it.

One particular reason I picked Roxanne is for its simple guitar part. LMMS is not very versatile with string instruments to the point where you can’t get them to sound remotely real – or I can’t anyway. So when I upgrade to FL Studio, I’m hoping to learn how to play around with those features to get something that sounds almost authentic. If not, I’ll play the guitar part myself.

Anyway, between my class readings I spent about a half-hour today trying to imitate the song. Here’s where I got in that amount of time:

For 30 minutes, it sounds pretty good. Obviously all the instrument sounds will change once I switch over programs and I’ll definitely add vocals. All in all though, I was pretty surprised at how quickly the basic sound came together. Usually when I try to remake songs it takes much longer to get the beat going. I guess I estimated the difficulty correctly by picking such an easy song.

I’d like to add my own spin on it once I polish it, but for day one, I’ll take the win. Only 9999.5 hours to go until I’m an expert music producer… or something like that.

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