Organization, Project 2

The Official Project 2 List

This holiday weekend has been all over the place. I met a psychic who told me to read more poetry, spent 5 hours broken down on the side of a snowy highway in the middle of the night, and recovered from a cold. Productivity hit a low.

Paired with finishing the first week of the semester, I might be even less organized than when I started Project 2. Oops.

Desperate to get something done, I’ve made a list of everything I want to organize as a part of this project. Here it is.

The official list for Project 2

It might not look like a lot but it’s going to take a while. Think of the list as a North Star – something that guides me to what needs to be done but certainly isn’t a direct map.

Anyway, some of these will be quicker than others. For example, organizing and donating books will be much quicker than cleaning out my email. Between my two emails, I currently have 20,114 unread emails and thousands more read – please help.

It’s not like I haven’t touched this list though. For example, with my emails I’ve probably cleaned out a good 10,000 already. Also, I’ve been chipping away at unpacking and making the house feel homey. I’ve even put up a photo wall!

A low-quality Snapchat of me in front of my magnum opus – the Photo Wall

So are things getting done? Yes. Slowly, but yes. With my list, I can hopefully declutter and make way for new adventures as quickly as possible.

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