Project 4

A Brave New World – Introducing Project 4

Ever since I was a child, my cousin Abbey was a direct reflection of what I’d encounter next in my life. She was a year and a half older, so I would look at her with envy as she encountered milestones just a year before me – an eternity to a child. I remember when she learned to drive, when she graduated college, and when she started middle school (and obviously couldn’t be friends with her elementary-aged cousin anymore).

Though her and I now live about 2 hours apart, we still are just as close as we were as children. We constantly do projects together from genealogy research to writing a cocktail book (Jacqueline and Abbey’s Christmas Cocktails). So it made perfect sense that she had to jump in with a project as I started this blog. So here we are.

The cover of our Christmas cocktail book circa 2017

As we brainstormed, we realized that one thing we had both done as children but had stopped as we got older, was reading. Neither of us read anymore. Maybe it’s because we were both engineers – our textbooks turn us so far off to reading for pleasure. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop us from arguing which Harry Potter book was the best (she thinks The Prisoner of Azkaban, but obviously it’s The Goblet of Fire)

So with that in mind, we decided that Project 4 should be dedicated to reading. More specifically, we decided we were going to read 100 Classics.

So what did we choose? I present to you, the list.

Our list of classics that we will be reading in the next year and a half

Disclaimer: No one has any idea what the word “classic” means. We just chose 100 prominent books that we wanted to read. Some we have already read, some we haven’t. We know it’s not all inclusive, but honestly, we couldn’t be bothered to read more than one Shakespeare play.

Seeing as we are women of science, we did have to make some rules. So here are our constraints:

  1. Read the entire book: No cheating or Sparknotes!
  2. Write a quick book review after finishing: This will include a rating, how long it took us to read, what we knew about the book before reading, our takeaway, and whether we’d recommend it.
  3. Film a response after finishing: Unlike the book reviews, these may or may not be posted. We just wanted to film the seconds after finishing a book to send to each other with our initial thoughts.
  4. Finish the list before the deadline: August 23, 2021

Why August 23, 2021? It’s my last first day of school. We figured a year and a half was a good amount of time to read 100 books.

…that is until we realized how fast that is.

With only 580 days until the project ends, we average to a little over a book a week. Yikes.

As we float somewhere between reality and the fictional universes of these books, we obviously realize that this will be tough, but that’s what the point of these projects is – get out of your comfort zone.

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