841 Days Left – An Update

While nothing fruitful enough has happened to warrant an update on any individual project, I have been chugging along on each and every one. Here’s where I’m at:

Project 1: CALI a Law School Class – This week my readings got the best of me. I’m not too far behind, but I am in desperate need of reviewing. This afternoon I’ll probably be making flashcards for all 30-something rules we covered in Civil Procedure this week. In other news, I’m also taking a legal writing course this semester (a continuation of the same course from the fall). There’s quite a bit of group work and my group works really well together. Could this be the class?

Project 2: Get Organized – Okay, I’m an email hoarder. I admit it. I rarely delete emails and instead leave them open to clutter my inbox. This week, however, I’ve focused my downtime towards a Cinderella-style scrubbing of my personal email. At the start of this project I had 18,132 emails and now I’m down to 1,397 emails. Yes, that’s right. I’ve gotten rid of 92% of my inbox. Even though I hardly use that email I was shocked at how much better I felt after doing it. All that’s left is to sort and file the important messages away.

For the sake of completeness, this week I’ve also:

  • Purged and organized my shoes – donating them mostly to Abbey. All of the hand-me-downs of hers I had as a kid makes it beyond worth it
  • Continued unpacking my house

Project 3: Make a Cover Album – Of all of my projects, this one has gotten the least love this week. Downloading my new music program has had hiccups in 1) getting my student loans and yearly finances taken care of before spending money I don’t have; and 2) making sure I had enough storage space on my computer. My hopes are to get this done this weekend and play with my new toy.

Project 4: Read 100 Classic Books – I’ve only got about 100 pages left in Lolita and I am eating it up. It’s so well-written you can’t look away, even though the images Nabokov paints in your head are incredibly haunting. If the point of reading a book is to make you feel, this one’s certainly doing its job. I’m just not sure what that feeling is.

As for Abbey she’s already finished The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ll publish her little book report when I finally read it myself – but what caught my attention was that it was actually the foreword that impacted her the most. I believe she’s now currently working on The Three Musketeers.

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