Organization, Project 2

From 18,132 to 0

Project 2: Get organized

I did it. I went from 18,132 emails to 0. I cleaned out my entire personal email.

It feels so good to have COMPLETELY cleaned it out. I’m pretty good at minor organization (well, except with my email inboxes apparently), but cleaning out something entirely is not a common feat for me.

I would say it probably took about 6 hours. With so many spam emails, there was plenty of bulk deleting. Once I had it down to roughly 5,000 emails, I sorted them. All of my emails now nicely belong in their folders and the inbox is completely clear.

Look at how beautiful!

While on my organizational kick, I’ve completely filtered through my shoes and my closet. I’ve got a couple of pieces I’m looking to alter a little bit before deciding to pitch them. A few dresses that would look better as skirts, jeans to be shorts, etc. etc. Stay in the loop for that.

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