Project 2

The Quarantine Post – What We’ve Been Up To

I hope everyone reading this is happy, healthy, and safe. What a strange time we’re living in, huh? I’ll keep the coronavirus thoughts to a minimum, we’ve all heard enough opinions to last a lifetime.

That being said, with my mother’s birthday this week, I went home for a few days to visit my family. With my brother returning home from school, it was a full house. It felt a bit like we were kids again which was really refreshing. We’ve found ways to keep things fun and I’d even recommend a couple of our activities to those who are counting down the minutes to the return of normal society. For those looking to escape ultimate boredom, here’s what we got up to:

  • Jackbox Party Games: These are little mini-games you play with your phone as your personal controller. Meanwhile, the main event takes place on the tv. We managed to find a way to use Zoom to do it with family that was also quarantined by sharing our computer screen. Our Zoom date lasted for nearly 5 hours and was exactly the same experience as it would have been if we were together.
  • American History Heads Up: We found old AP U.S. History flashcards during our deep cleans and turned it into a game of Heads Up. Conclusion: We’re bad at American history. Or at least that version… man, do they teach some unnecessary things in AP classes.
  • Counting all our piggy banks: Of course we turned this into a competition of jelly-bean jar proportions. All you had to do was guess how much money by weight. We all sucked. But on the upside, we were all too low.
  • Sending letters to the kid next door: He left us a drawing in our mailbox, so obviously we had to send something back. We pulled out all the stops (and foam letters!) to send him a nice letter back. My father even found a little toy car that we cleaned and sent to him.

But it wouldn’t be a Project 865 post without project updates and honestly it’s been helpful to be home all day to get my get organized project moving. Being home, I’ve been cleaning my childhood bedroom. It’s always tough for me to clean out my childhood bedroom because it’s so easy to get distracted with even the tiniest bit of nostalgia.

I was an avid book collector as a kid so it was time to purge. Most of these books I had either read or had no interest in, so I went for the jugular on it. Although, I did find that I had about 30 of the books on my list at my house which was great news.

I also sorted through all of my undergrad papers since I kind of threw them at my parents house once I was done. I did keep all of my tests since I think I have an idea for a project way down the line.

Lastly, internet spring cleaning was in full effect. I’m chipping away at my computer bookmarks and school e-mail – which has become extremely important since we are constantly getting so many e-mails it’s hard to keep track of.

In conclusion, it was a very successful trip home. Very productive – but I guess that’s what we could expect from 4 people all working from home in the same house.

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