Project 2

Halfway Through Project 2!

One good thing about quarantine: it’s a really good excuse to clean.

As I chip away through my organization project, I thought today might be a good day to evaluate my progress. I’ve had a trello board I’ve been using to track what’s done and what’s not, but I realized that it doesn’t really match the list I had complied for the blog. Also, the old graphic was ugly.

So, I spent the afternoon on something a bit counterproductive – cleaning my cleaning list. Anyway, here’s where I’m at:

Wow. Much better, right? (If you want to see a clean version of this graphic, you can check it out here).

As you can see, I’m particularly good at cleaning my internet. What can I say? I can do it while I watch Netflix.

I am a bit surprised to see how much of the Lifestyle category I’ve completed. This might just be a by-product of the blog, but I’ve been much more motivated since I’ve started it. I find myself trying to improve a little bit of everything.

I know there’s a lot still to check off on this list, but most of these incomplete items are in progress. Because of that, I feel confident to say that the end is near.

Even though the project itself is boring, I do find it necessary to clean through the old to allow energy towards new ideas. Cleaning and getting organized is fulfilling. It’s a functional equivalent of dress for success – it just makes me feel better and ready to accomplish more.

tl;dr: It’s something I didn’t realize would make as big a difference as it has.

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