Project 6: Learn How to Blog

After my longest disappearance since making this blog, this project couldn’t be more appropriate. I’ve been stuck in the trap of pass/fail finals: you need to study minimally to pass, but what is minimal?

Why Project 6

Nevertheless with the end of finals near, I’ve begun to think about my summer goals. With the start of my law firm job delayed, it been a little difficult to plan how much time I’ll have this summer. But my situation isn’t unique, the whole world is at a standstill.

The virus has given me time to reflect on what I actually enjoy doing. As a high schooler, I had semi-successful music blog and another even more popular one on language learning (a secret passion I have yet to share with you guys – don’t worry, it’s coming!). Those, however, were not WordPress blogs. Here on WordPress, I do feel a little confused as to how everything works.

Recognizing my love for blogging, I realized I didn’t actually know what I was doing. I just type something out and throw it into the online ether. I realize that there’s a whole community of people here that I don’t know how to access: people with the same goals and same circumstances but with wildly different life experiences. As the curious person I am, I want to know more – what more is there to blogging?

This got my wheels turning even more: How do I reach people? How can I make my blog look better? Is upgrading my domain worth it? What is SEO? Is it possible to become as follower-obsessed as an Instagram influencer? What will it take to get Fashion Nova to sponsor me?

Before I knew it, I realized I knew nothing.

Project Goals

In this interim summer, I want to learn more about the potential of a blog and stretch it to its outermost limits. Enter Project 6. Like all of my projects, this one needs an end goal. Admittedly, I got a little stuck here – carrying this project out to a certain number of followers or traffic per month is a little weird (and arbitrary), so this project will just have an end date instead. I was thinking August 24, my first day of school. That gives me the entire summer to explore.

I was brainstorming some mini-goals and projects I’d like to explore so this whole journey isn’t without direction. Here are my thoughts:

  • Make my blog look better: The free themes are, well, not so great. They lack a little to be desired in my opinion and I feel like I can’t optimize how I’d like to display my content – which leads to my next goal…
  • Upgrade my domain: I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while now, but this project will accelerate this process. Which plan is best for my goals and how can I utilize it efficiently?
  • Generate more traffic: Here, I’m more interested in what drives traffic: Is it tags? comments? SEO?
  • Learn more about SEO: Speaking of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I don’t know much about what makes google like your blog and bring it to the front of its search results, but I’m curious.
  • Learn the WordPress algorithms: No hacking required. Like any service, there’s some internal tips and tricks as to what pulls something towards the top of your reader. When you search a tag why is it that those specific posts appear – are they getting more clicks or is it something else?

And there you have it. Of course, as I find out what works and what doesn’t, I’ll share it. WordPress is a tool that I know so little about – I’m excited to dig a little deeper. Here’s to the start of a new project!

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