The First Day of the Semester

A summary of the day: I walked into a class five minutes early and was the last one to arrive. The professor had already started lecturing.

Could law school be any more intimidating?

All Lizzie McGuire moments aside, with the first day of the semester under my belt, I’m actually pretty hopeful. I think I can do this. For my own entertainment and future embarrassment, I want to place my bets on how I’ll do in each of my classes now – to try and guess the class I’ll try and CALI in.

(If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click here to see what my current goal is.)

The first class of the day was Property, which initially compelled me because I’m interested in doing intellectual property law (yes, property law and intellectual property law actually do connect!). My professor seemed very engaging and clear with expectations. We had three cases to prep for class and we got through all three. Definitely a class I can see myself sinking my teeth into. 7/10 interested.

Next was Civil Procedure. Now this one might just be the one. Not only was my professor very, very interested in what he was teaching, he dropped a few South Park references along the way. Since Civil Procedure (usually just written as Civ Pro) is the study of the law of laws – how meta! – it seems like it’s going to be heavily reliant on logic. He also compared the class to organic chemistry, since you spend time learning the rules and then learning a million exceptions to it and exceptions to the exceptions… etc. I’m not sure if this is encouraging or disheartening since in OChem I I got a 17% on the final, but in OChem II I got a 97%. Either way, 9/10 interested.

The last class of the day was Legislation and Regulation (see also: Leg Reg). I can’t seem to get a gauge on this one yet. Not only do I have no idea what it’s about, since it’s the only class where we covered 0% of the readings we had done in preparation and instead looked over the syllabus, but I can’t get a read on the professor. He spoke rather quietly and to be honest, I zoned out. Maybe from hunger or boredom or sleep-deprivation. I don’t know. But my boyfriend took a class of his last semester and he seemed to have developed a fondness for the professor, so perhaps I will too. 4/10 interested.

And that concludes my riveting “what did you learn in school today?” answer. If you’ve made it this far, thanks. I know it was a bit of a diary entry, but I hope that it’s interesting for me later in the semester and can be used for self-evaluation throughout the course of this project.