Taking the Red Pill and Entering the Legal Simulation?

The first half of this week has been a bumpy ride. I got pretty sick and stayed home from some classes on Monday and yesterday (Tuesday) I had my first job interview and a legal simulation.

Let me explain.

My first legal interview ever was yesterday. It was with a firm I really liked. Normally, I nail interviews because I can make people laugh. But lawyers are a different breed. I left completely uncertain about whether or not I was what they were looking for.

I talked to a mentor of mine about it and she told me that she had already sent my resume to the firm and spoken to them about me. I’m truly blessed to have someone so strongly in my corner. She has influence in the community and for her to have done that on her own is so sweet and thoughtful.

Regardless of whether I get the job, she connected me with someone who has the exact background as me (school and major). I have a chemical engineering degree and up to this point I’ve never met another ChemE who became a lawyer. On top of that, how lucky am I? I know I’ll be a-okay and find a job no matter what.

So having done the roller coaster that is job interviews, I was mentally exhausted for what came later in the day: a simulation.

For my legal writing class I had to negotiate a settlement with another student. Litigation is something I’m not interested in at all and I really wasn’t looking forward to it – seeing as I’m very pro-conflict avoidance. Since it was a fake case too, I wasn’t exactly attached to my client. Sparing the boring details, I prepared harder than I expected – I think because I was feeling a little Project 1 pressure (as of right now, I feel like I’m most likely to CALI my legal writing class).

But I made a fatal flaw in the negotiation that lost me a LOT of leverage. While I negotiated a good deal for my client, I had a chance at a great deal and I missed it. Luckily, these simulations aren’t really for a grade – but if you do really well, you get extra credit. In the world of law school, every point you miss is another point someone else got.

Speaking of legal writing though, we got our motions back today. I had written about it here earlier, but even a week and some change later I was still feeling okay about it.

I crushed it.

I was well above the average of 66%. My 81% felt good. I’ve also been nailing the homework, so I’m definitely at the top of the class right now. Just like my job search, I’m on a bit of a roller coaster with this class. That’s how life is, right? A continual series of highs and lows.

But how would I know? I took the blue pill.