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What I Learned from Blogging Every Day

If it’s your first time stopping by this week, you might have noticed quite a bit has changed around here. I’ve got my own domain and have changed up the actual site! With a new theme and new featured images, it looks much better!

In the midst of these changes, Abbey and I spent a whole day doing nothing but reading in preparation for a week straight of book reviews. It was something we’ve been planning for a while as a way to relax after me finishing school! Originally, I was supposed to go visit her, but given quarantine we did it separately and checked in over the phone.

A week’s worth of consistent content has been a blast. It was tough to prepare so many reviews ahead of time, but I’ve had the opportunity to work on even more content because of it!

Additionally, I have seen a huge spike in engagement on the blog which has been overwhelming! Having the opportunity to meet some new faces and engage with people reading the same books and doing similar projects has been so much fun! On top of people visiting me, I’ve been trying to reach out to creators whose content I enjoy.

Throughout this process there are a few things I’ve picked up on that I thought I’d share. This week has given me insight as a blogger and my place in this whole mess.

Quality Matters

This is something that’s been really noticeable in my book reviews. There are books I really loved reading and others I just couldn’t wait to finish. Sometimes, it was hard to find the motivation to even write the review after and it showed. No wonder those posts didn’t have nearly as much engagement as the ones that I was proud of writing! The key takeaway I discovered was that if you don’t enjoy what you’re writing, your readers will notice.

With love and affection, it doesn’t really matter what you’re writing about – it only take one reader to identify with your content. For example, a book I really disliked was A Clockwork Orange. It had mostly to do with the – in my opinion – abhorrent slang that distorted the story line. But I really took the time to flesh out these opinions and unpack it a little more. I spent quite a bit of time writing that post and I was happy when it became one of my most-liked posts. My readers could see the love I had put into it and responded to it.

Quantity Matters Too

This week in particular I’ve been focused on putting out content every single day. It’s been challenging, but I came in with a game plan, so it was very do-able. To no one’s surprise, posting every day brought a lot more traffic.

I’m not sure if it has something to do with the Reader algorithm wanting to suggest me more or if I was creating content on subjects others already followed. Nevertheless, I found that when people visited, they checked out my other content too. Because I have a back-catalog of posts on a variety of topics, I saw that visitors were averaging higher views when I was putting out content every day.

Writing often familiarizes others with your content and gives you more of an opportunity to be seen. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll be seen by someone who enjoys your stuff.

Motivation Fluctuation

Just like any habit or hobby, if you’re truly excited about what you’re doing, doing it every day makes you even more excited. I found that I was thinking about content and working on my projects much more this week just because I wanted to.

Motivation is a rarity, so making the most of it is crucial. But exposing myself and quite frankly, some days forcing myself to write, brought more ideas and more of a desire to deliver on material.

There you have it – my thoughts on consistent blogging. It honestly comes down to finding your place and your voice on your blog. But I want to hear your thoughts: What do you think? Do you agree with my observations?

As always, thanks for reading!

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Project 6: Learn How to Blog

After my longest disappearance since making this blog, this project couldn’t be more appropriate. I’ve been stuck in the trap of pass/fail finals: you need to study minimally to pass, but what is minimal?

Why Project 6

Nevertheless with the end of finals near, I’ve begun to think about my summer goals. With the start of my law firm job delayed, it been a little difficult to plan how much time I’ll have this summer. But my situation isn’t unique, the whole world is at a standstill.

The virus has given me time to reflect on what I actually enjoy doing. As a high schooler, I had semi-successful music blog and another even more popular one on language learning (a secret passion I have yet to share with you guys – don’t worry, it’s coming!). Those, however, were not WordPress blogs. Here on WordPress, I do feel a little confused as to how everything works.

Recognizing my love for blogging, I realized I didn’t actually know what I was doing. I just type something out and throw it into the online ether. I realize that there’s a whole community of people here that I don’t know how to access: people with the same goals and same circumstances but with wildly different life experiences. As the curious person I am, I want to know more – what more is there to blogging?

This got my wheels turning even more: How do I reach people? How can I make my blog look better? Is upgrading my domain worth it? What is SEO? Is it possible to become as follower-obsessed as an Instagram influencer? What will it take to get Fashion Nova to sponsor me?

Before I knew it, I realized I knew nothing.

Project Goals

In this interim summer, I want to learn more about the potential of a blog and stretch it to its outermost limits. Enter Project 6. Like all of my projects, this one needs an end goal. Admittedly, I got a little stuck here – carrying this project out to a certain number of followers or traffic per month is a little weird (and arbitrary), so this project will just have an end date instead. I was thinking August 24, my first day of school. That gives me the entire summer to explore.

I was brainstorming some mini-goals and projects I’d like to explore so this whole journey isn’t without direction. Here are my thoughts:

  • Make my blog look better: The free themes are, well, not so great. They lack a little to be desired in my opinion and I feel like I can’t optimize how I’d like to display my content – which leads to my next goal…
  • Upgrade my domain: I’ve been wanting to do this for a little while now, but this project will accelerate this process. Which plan is best for my goals and how can I utilize it efficiently?
  • Generate more traffic: Here, I’m more interested in what drives traffic: Is it tags? comments? SEO?
  • Learn more about SEO: Speaking of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I don’t know much about what makes google like your blog and bring it to the front of its search results, but I’m curious.
  • Learn the WordPress algorithms: No hacking required. Like any service, there’s some internal tips and tricks as to what pulls something towards the top of your reader. When you search a tag why is it that those specific posts appear – are they getting more clicks or is it something else?

And there you have it. Of course, as I find out what works and what doesn’t, I’ll share it. WordPress is a tool that I know so little about – I’m excited to dig a little deeper. Here’s to the start of a new project!

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