Welcome to Jacqueline of All Trades!

Welcome! My name is Jacqueline and I am in my second year of law school. I’ve always been very interested in a variety of skills and disciplines, culminating in degrees in chemical engineering and international studies.

Over the years, I’ve found that I’m really interested in finance and entrepreneurship. Making something out of nothing, whether it be money or a company, is an incredibly rewarding experience. I want to discover what business opportunities or money-saving techniques are the most rewarding. There’s no better way to learn who you are than to try and represent yourself.

That’s why I’m here. I want to explore who I am, or who I might be, or who I might want to be by the time I graduate. Enter Jacqueline of All Trades.

Jacqueline of All Trades is a space for me to take on projects, both big and small, in my spare time to learn more about myself and my surroundings. With 865 days left until I earn my law degree, I still have some time to see what’s out there before getting tied to the shackles of a 9 to 5. Not that I don’t want to one day do that, I just want to enjoy my spare time while I have it.

Think Julie & Julia mixed with the chaotic energy of a burnt-out student.

Let’s see where this journey takes me.

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